Aluminum Plates

It's always a great time to hang out near the pile of camping gear in the basement.  It is also always a good time to check over your gear, and make repairs and additions as needed. 

Camp cook kits used to come with aluminum plates nested neatly inside.  Now many come with plastic, which is a shame, due to the versatility of the aluminum plates. 

You can warm them on the fire grate in cold weather to keep your meals hot longer, or use them as pot lids so you don’t have to bring as many (or any), saving the weight.  You can even use one as a frying pan, as I did once when I didn't think we would need one, and left it behind. 

You’ll find plenty of other handy applications as well, like shaping the inside of your snow cave!  Some outdoor stores have them (like right here), or check second-hand and antique stores.  You will be glad you added them to your gear.