Boilable “Seal-A-Meal” Pouches

This is really cheating  Cook up your finest meals at home and put them into this great product, available at hardware stores, in the household section, or right here.  Cut your own bags to length, add the food, and seal with the heat wire press attached.  To prepare, simply boil water and toss in the packets.  Spaghetti, casseroles, omelets, hot dishes, and plenty of other entrees work great.  Since these meals need refrigeration, this has its limitations.  It won’t work for a remore summer trip.  Also, since all the food has its water intact, it is a very heavy, bulky way to bring your meals.  But, for car camping or other trips it’s great.  We use them a lot on winter camping trips.  It’s worth the extra weight.  Everything you have is frozen solid, anyway.  And meal times are a snap - no muss, no fuss, and no pots and pans to scrub up.  Make sure you get the “boilable” bags, though or you will have a mess.