Canoe Anchor

Fishing with no anchor can be quite frustrating at times.  Just when you are ready for the attack, you've drifted or blown too close to shore, or off the hot spot.  No one is going to carry an anchor into a remote location for you, so here's a better idea.  You can simply tie a rope to a big rock if you can find one (which works), but a mesh bag works better. 

Sew up a bag with a rope drawstring out of some of that nylon mesh that some sport jerseys are made of.  Mine is probably about 9 “ by 12” when laid flat, and weighs next to nothing in my pack.  Actually, nowadays you can find them all made up in the camping section of most large department stores (or order one online at 

Whichever bag you use, fill it up with stones, tie a rope to the drawstring, and fish in one place until you decide to move.  Happy fishing!