Chapped Butt

Late season camping can mean rain and snow, and that can mean damp clothes.  Just like infants and toddlers, having moisture in contact with your skin for an extended period can cause a rash to set in, which, trust me, can be a real pain.  Prevention, of course, is your first line of defense.  Standard cotton briefs are your worst enemy, soaking up moisture like a sponge, and holding it next to your skin, right where you don’t want it.  Synthetics, on the other hand, repel moisture, pushing it to your outer layers of clothing to be expelled (providing, that is, they are also not cotton).  Once a rash sets in, I’ve had great luck with good old baby powder.  I carry a trial size container in a Ziploc bag with my toiletry items on all extended or cold weather trips.  Corn starch also works well, if you just happen to have some along.