Clothes Drier

Wouldn’t that be nice - to have a little portable backpack clothes drier along on those late season camping and hunting trips!  Here is something that actually doesn’t work too bad.  Damp gloves, socks, long johns, sweaters, and even pants and jackets will nearly dry out completely by morning if you drag them or wear them into your sleeping bag for the night.  Trust me, I’ve done this a lot, especially on winter camping trips.  Your body heat pushes the moisture out through your bag along with the moisture from your body.  Modern bags are designed to eliminate moisture, so let them put in a little overtime for you.  Over a long period of time in rough conditions this could cause problems if too much water builds up in your bag.  Normally, however,  it all reaches the outside layer and evaporates.  By the way, soaking wet items have to be rung out first, and maybe even fired dried a little.  Your first defense from the cold, of course, is to stay dry in the first place!