Dehydrated Foods

Although I have a commercial dehydrator (I have a convection type, rather than a fan assist type, which is quicker), I still do much of my drying in the oven. 

Leave the door slightly open to allow moisture to escape and set at a very low temp. 

Recommended drying temperatures are as follows -- fruits, pasta, beans, sauces, and vegetables:  130 - 135 degrees F.; meats, cheeses, fish, and eggs:  140 - 145 degrees F. 

When dried sufficiently, foods keep for a long time with no refrigeration.  Microorganisms cannot grow without water, and enzyme activity is halted.  It is important, however, to store dehydrated foods in a moisture-proof bag or container to prevent water from absorbing into it from the air--especially if stored in a damp basement. 

Hard beans, wild rice, and other foods that require long cooking times can be cooked at home, dried, and then rehydrated at camp much quicker.  Go back to the camping tips list for some recipes.