Dehydrated Wild Rice Pilaf

Dried foods last a long time.  Now that you’re camping and hunting trips are over for the year, and winter camping is just a foggy notion you hope fades fast, use this in between time to stock up food stores for next season.  Here is another favorite you can dry in your oven on cookie sheets at 150 degrees with the door slightly opened: 


1/2 lb chicken meat, cubed; 1/2 c white or dark rice (not instant); 1/2 c (uncooked) wild rice; 1/2 c minced onion;


1/4 c minced green pepper; 1 carrot stick; 1 celery stalk; 3 cloves fresh garlic; 1 t powdered chicken stock; 1 crushed bay leaf.


Directions:  Brown meat and dry separately.  Cook wild rice and dry.  Mince onion, green pepper, carrot, celery, and garlic, and dry raw.  Leave other rice uncooked, and bag separately.  Mix all other ingredients together in plastic bag.


Rehydrate and cook one hour.  Add white or dark rice and continue cooking until done.  Feeds 4 moderately.