Fall:  Official Camping Season

Winter has its appeal, in the spring you have to go just to get out, and summer will do.  But camping season to me officially starts Labor Day weekend.  I do have to admit that spring is hard to beat.  A time of rebirth, there is warmth and new life everywhere.  The mosquitoes have all frozen solid forever, we feel, and for several weeks we are spared.  But sometimes even by early June the biting flies are out full force and we need to cover up, hide, or saturate ourselves with DEET at a risk I’m afraid to research.  Once we hit the Summer Solstice the mosquitoes take over and stay in control until Labor Day weekend.


I’ve always said Minnesota would be the perfect place to live if it wasn’t for all those dreadful little biting pests.  But in late summer and fall we are granted at least six weeks of mosquito free quality outdoor time, varying year to year, of course, with the weather.  We normally come out ahead on that, as well.  Everyone loves “Indian Summer,” and we always get a shot of that.


It’s a great time to head to the woods.  The air is crisp and clean, and the natural world seems full grown and mature.  Game comes into season, and if you so choose you may engage in that great link to our ancient ancestral past.  And as the living world slides into winter’s long rest, the contrast is invigorating.  Last October we paddled out of the BWCAW in the face of a driving north wind, rain and snow stinging our faces.  I’ve never felt more alive.


So take advantage and head for the woods.  Don’t let the first snowfall leave you wondering where your camping year went again!