Fish hook removal

Camping often means fishing, and fishing, winter or summer, can result in a hook embedded in human flesh.  The “string jerk” extraction is the accepted favorite to keep pain and additional damage to a minimum.  Slip a 12 inch piece of string around the curve of the hook, wrapping the ends around your index finger.  As a helper pushes down on the hook eye and shaft to disengage the barb, jerk the string, keeping it against the skin, again to help disengage the barb.


     The more gruesome second resort is to push the barb all the way through and clip it off with a pliers, weatherman, or whatever you have, and pull the hook back out.  Wash the area well first, if you can, and numb the skin with snow, ice, or just cold water.  Have someone else clean the fish when you get back to camp!