Glove Drier

Keep your gloves dry and warm.  For late season or winter camping, hunting, or other outdoor activity, use your body heat for this.  If you take your gloves or mittens off, stick them up inside your shirt.  When you need them again, they come out toasty warm, not frozen stiff like when you just toss them aside.  I keep a spare pair in there when winter camping.  If you get yours wet you can switch, and after some time your body heat will dry them fairly well.  It depends on the material.  I prefer rag wool gloves (without the thinsulate lining) for most moderate weather use (down to zero or so).  Wool sheds water naturally and stays warm when damp, thanks to the hollow fibers.

At temperatures below zero, I'll usually wear cold weather mittens with a liner glove.  The liner lets me take off my mittens for more dexterity without exposing skin directly to dangerously cold air.