Camping in the rain can be a nightmare.  But it also can be anywhere from okay to downright fun.  Attitude and group dynamics play a big part, of course.  But a huge advantage can be gained before you even leave your driveway.  It’s called “preparation!”  Being prepared for rain is much more than just throwing in a couple of ponchos when you pack your underwear.  You really need to think your trip through. 


We plan our trips for solid rain, day and night, from the time we leave home to the minute we are back in the safety and warmth of our vehicles!  That gives you a huge jump emotionally, because then every rain-free minute is a gift. 


It also makes you think about your tent (is it waterproof enough), and your raingear (will it hold up to an all-day downpour).  Do you have rain pants, or will water just run off your raincoat or poncho and soak your trousers?  How about mealtimes?   Are you equipped to cook without a fire, or to split wood so you can have a fire?  Is your tent big enough to hang out and cook in, or do you need a tarp and ropes?  Packing correctly is crucial.  Are your sleeping bags and gear really protected?  Could it all lay in an inch of water in the bottom of the canoe or boat for hours and still be dry?  Are your feet going to be prunes after the first day, or can you keep them dry?  This is all important stuff! 


I’ve been on trips where sleeping bags were soaked before we even left the parking lot, garbage bags were the prominent rainwear in camp, and any fancy store-bought stuff was for sissies!  Group dynamics and attitude usually prevailed, but this way is much easier.  Trust me!  Happy camping!