The ‘Drive Home’ Kit

I’ve taken it on the chin for this one a couple of times, once suffering the sobering blow of being tagged in front of friends and family as a “primper!”  I have to admit, I’m just not into grubbing out as much as I used to be.  One of my great pleasures at camp is shaving by the fire with my little mirror and razor.  I even bathe occasionally, and on my last outing actually washed (forgive me) my underwear.  Back in my good ol’ fishing trip with the boys days that could well have cost me a place in the boat.


For years I’ve had the habit of bringing along an extra bag to leave in the car with items for the drive home:  a change of clothes, comfortable shoes, a comb and hair spray, and sometimes even a shaver and after-shave!  Coming off a rugged outing with a five to seven hour trip home has made that kit look pretty good at times.  And look around a little.  Watch birds in a birdbath, or raccoons or other animals cleaning up after a meal, and decide if primping is really all that bad!