The Fire Pan

Here’s one that some people laugh about until they try it.  A camp fire is a basic essential to winter camping.  Sometimes, a big fire!  But sometimes there is so much snow that you can’t brush it aside to bare ground, and your fire just disappears into a hole. 

Here’s a great solution:  take along a fire pan.  You could make one out of tin, but I just use the biggest cookie pan I could find at a garage sale.  Criss-cross four logs to set it on and you can build a much larger fire than you might expect.  The snow melts underneath, of course, but the logs hold it up (make sure they are long enough). 

We like to build it up to waist level for cooking, with a nice packed-snow countertop next to it.  It really saves on your back, and keeps most of the smoke out of your eyes. 

And when you pack up, you don’t leave big gaping campfire scars as an eyesore for the next group of wilderness travellers. offers a commercial fire pan here