458 (5/13/09)

    Twenty-two hard-working kids joined us for another exceptional morning of Trail Guards on Saturday, despite the cold weather.  A warm campfire and plenty of activities kept their blood flowing, and we made more progress in our trail restoration mission.

     We had a special treat that morning with a visit from Ms. Heather McLain and some of her Tae Kwon Do students, some as young as four years old.  We were entertained with patterns (called “forms” in some martial arts disciplines), kicks, defensive moves, nun chucks (also called num chucks), board-breaking, and more, plus some nice background information from Ms. Heather, a 2nd-degree black belt Tae Kwon Do instructor.

     Ms. McLain also has 1st degree black belts in Kumdo and Hap Ki Do, and is a certified self-defense instructor.  She runs Central Lakes Tae Kwon Do, a subsidiary of Lee’s Tae Kwon Do in Marshall, MN.  Information can be found in the Paynesville Schools Community Education flier. 

     Heather has been to Korea twice to train, and takes her art very seriously.  She works well with her students of all ages, and is particularly heartwarming to watch with the young kids.  Thanks to Ms. McLain and her students for a very entertaining morning.

     This Friday after school we begin our second annual Glacial Lakes Bicycle Adventure.  We leave from the Nature Park around 5:00PM, and will be fully self-contained, carrying with us tents, sleeping bags, rain gear, food, and all the gear needed for a two-night-out, 53-mile round trip to Willmar and back.

     We’re hoping for a little nicer weather than last year, when driving rain and 40 degree temps challenged us along the way.  We will be prepared for anything, but the odds are in our favor for more agreeable conditions.