460 (5/28/09)

     We were off to a slow start for our Memorial Day Weekend Saturday morning as I drove into a rare empty park in the morning.  But things quickly picked up as 16 kids arrived at the last minute to enjoy the perfect Minnesota spring weather.    

     It doesn’t get much better than that:  warm, but not hot; sunny skies; calm; and no bugs.  It reminded us again why we love living here--something that can seem like a mystery in the throws of a sub-zero winter, like our last.

     Our wood chip hauling took on new life Saturday with the help of 14 year old Gabe Thompson, who reinvented our loading system.  We have never hauled that many chips in one morning!  Thanks for a smart idea. 

     We are re-routing some areas of trail due to natural changes in the park landscape after high spring water levels moved things around for us.  It’s important to define the new trails quickly to keep park users from wandering randomly through the woods.  The delicate ground-level plant life is easily destroyed, and often doesn’t come back until the next season--or, in some cases, even longer.

     As a special treat, Dana Spates joined us for our weekly morning nutrition break, the perfect person to share her knowledge to kids snacking on fresh fruit of several varieties.  Dana kept her young audience listening as she talked about natural approaches to eating and general health, and the benefits of good nutrition, as well as the risks of poor choices.  Thanks to Dana for a very interesting and enjoyable presentation.   

     Town and Country Days is right around the corner, and we are looking for help in a number of ways.  We’re looking for a 16 foot (or so) trailer for our parade float.  We’ll do most of the work on the float at Trail Guards the Saturday before the parade, but may need a yard or driveway for a few days to park it in, and possible finish it up.

     We’ll also be looking for help running the root beer float stand, a fun time during the carnival.  Please consider an hour or two on the schedule.  It’s easy and fun.  Plus, there are usually plenty of Trail Guard kids around eager to help.

     And finally, we’ll need two more mowers or four wheelers (with legal and responsible drivers) with trailers to help sell pop in the  parade, also a real fun time.  To help us in any of those areas, please call Sheri at 320-310-4580 (preferred), or me at 320-243-4336, and THANK YOU for your help and support!