463 (6/17/09)

     It seems like Town and Country Days sneaks up a little sooner each year.  Maybe it’s because our Trail Guard season is so jam-packed with fun.  Everything we do is fun--whether working on the park and trails, listening to a program presenter while munching on fresh fruit, or just dangling from a rope 40 feet in the air in the rain.

     At any rate, it’s here again, and I hope you have a chance to enjoy our floats at the carnival, sample the AMPI string cheese we’re handing out in the parade, or support us by buying pop and water along the parade route.  We’ll be pulling our can trailer in the parade this year, so bounce your empty aluminum cans off the target as we go by.

     This year, we are selling good tasting, high-quality bottled water with our own Trail Guard labels.  They look awesome, and will be a great way to get our name out there and noticed. 

     Our can trailer is sporting a fresh coat of paint, thanks to the hard work of Megan Wolters, MaKayla Gottwald, and Crystal Roberts.  They did this on their own time after school let out for the year, and are rightfully proud of their handiwork, which includes our name and motto hand-lettered all the way around.  Thanks, girls, for the extra interest and effort.

     Crystal, daughter of Dan and Rose Roberts, Paynesville, won’t be here for the parade, as she is well into her bicycle trek through northern Norway with Two Wheel View.  As she bikes through the mountains and fjords, she is enjoying incredible views, good food, great companionship, and twenty-four hour daylight.      

     Traveling with that bicycle “two wheel view” is a rich experience quite different from more traditional forms of tourist travel.  It’s an intimate immersion into the landscape and culture of a country, and  instills in the participating youths a bond of sorts with the hearts and minds of those who live there.  It creates a lasting feeling of world community that will affect them for a lifetime, and influence many in their circle of family and friends.

     It’s good that Crystal is young, and able to live on what sleep she can get.  With constant daylight, I would need a thick, black covering for my tent to keep me in la-la land for my required seven hours.  She was looking forward to that experience--one most of us will never see.

     Thanks to everyone for supporting Crystal on this life-changing Trail Guard adventure.  She is the seventh youth we have sponsored for this event.

     Twenty-six kids kept up the work at the Nature Park last Saturday.  They continued new trail work, helped Dennis extend one of our flower gardens, and picked up a big bag of litter and debris from the sides of the trails, especially near the car wash and can trailer.  Thanks to Sheri DeMars for filling in for me while family camping on the north shore, and to Joe and Kylie, two of our seasonal supervisors, for running a tight ship.