466 (7/8/09)

     There’s nothing like a slow day for getting a lot done!  The holiday weekend meant a low turnout on Saturday, but it didn’t slow us down a bit.

    Over the years, we have gotten to enjoy those days when we can focus on the tasks at hand, rather than divide our time between that and keeping track of kids all over the park.  It can be very relaxing, very productive, a whole lot of fun.

     The thirteen kids that did show up shared their personal reflections of Independence Day, trimmed the hedge (thanks, Tommy Lewis), manicured the trail below the picnic shelter (thanks, Nathan Bahner), spread more wood chips, and more.

     They were also treated to an interesting and exciting program on fire safety.  Jeff Ruprecht, retired from firefighting after 25 years of service, presented a great program, complete with an instructive fire extinguisher demonstration on a live fire.

     I was impressed with how much the kids knew about fire safety from school, and they learned much more on Saturday.  Thanks, Jeff.

     I would also like to mention the special support we have gotten from Lake Henry Implement over the years.  Dick Frieler and crew have been enormously helpful in many ways, and it means a lot to us.

     As the summer moves along, several needs have surfaced will require some help.  Please call me at 320-250-0464 if you can become involved with any of the following:

     Snowshoe bindings.  Last winter, we borrowed 13 pairs of snowshoes from a local source.  The shoes are in great shape, but the bindings are pretty well shot.  We would like to return them in better condition, and use them in the future for our new February “Snow Day.”  Please call if you can help find and/or attach new bindings.

     Canoe and Kayak Picnic Cruise.  This annual event will be July 25.  We are looking for a local organization or church to provide lunch on First Island, and are inviting local paddlers to join us for a fun day, meeting on the water at 9:30am between Koronis Ministries and the island.

     Sleeping Bags.  Our gear collection has grown over the years, and our need to borrow and rent is almost gone.   Quality raingear and Kevlar canoes came from generous donations in the past year, but we still need to raise an extra $400 to $500 for good, packable sleeping bags. 

     We loan from REI’s great youth program for our annual BWCA and bicycle trips, but the equipment needs to be picked up and dropped off in Bloomington.  Having our own is a worthy goal at this time.