467 (7/15/09)

     It’s an exciting time for the Trail Guards.  Our new nine-member Board of Directors is fully functional, and is comprised of a very dynamic mix of talents and personalities.  We have completed a strategic plan, and are beginning to implement the strategies as we laid them out.  And our season is clicking briskly along with all the ingredients for success:  great kids; a hard-working, dedicated, and effective staff; and the support we need to function well.

     Change and growth in an organization can be challenging, but are necessary and healthy.  Our primary focus is to not lose the essence of what we are, but instead to instill the ideals and practices that have worked into the system as it grows and evolves.  We intend to serve the youth of our area for many years to come, and will continue to strive for positive, healthy, and life-affirming involvement that impacts these kids in a supportive and sustaining way.

     Attendance for the year is right on track with the past number of years--35 total kids so far, averaging just over 20 for each Saturday.  Demand for our outings has been higher than normal, and the trips have all gone very well so far.  Support has been tremendous, and we thank each and every one of you.  And we are not quite half way through the year.

     The Trail Guards will be featured on two upcoming segments of “Life To The Max” on WCCO-TV later this year.  One will be a show exclusively on the Trail Guard organization and mission, the other on Superior Whitewater, the rafting company we have used for 14 years of whitewater adventures for dozens of area youth.  I have only been told they will air this fall, and will pass on the exact dates as soon as I have them.