482 (11/4/09)

     Last Saturday was a day off for me--from work, that is.  What it really meant was a hectic--but great--last Trail Guard day, complete with our new medallion award presentation (which was a complete success), and the closing of the park.  It was a long day that I couldn’t have enjoyed more!

     The medallions where a great hit, and will have a huge effect on next year's involvement.  The kids were thrilled to receive them, and some of their parents were there to add to their pride and excitement.  It means so much to kids to have someone important to them witness and acknowledge their accomplishments.

     We awarded medallions to our top point earners for the past four years, as well as to participants on some of our more challenging outings.    

     The award presentation is something we should have started years ago. Our last day was always so anticlimactic. We would work through the morning, eat lunch, say goodbye, and go home.

     This was so much better--more formal, and a celebration of our year, of the Trail Guards, and especially of the kids.  Even the kids who didn’t get a medallion got a gift, and everyone went away happy, and with good memories.

     Our question of the day, which is a regular feature of our weekly “opening circle,” was, "What can we do better, or more of, next year?"

     Most said they didn't know, which, I told them, meant we did everything perfectly all year!  But, we had some great suggestions, such as more Boundary Waters trips, more clean-up,  and more games before lunch.

     It was requested (more than once) that we hire Joe Kustritz back for another year.  Joe is quiet and steady, very reliable, loves coming, and is building some good rapport with the kids.   And you can thank Joe for the great condition of our park trails.  

     We had an injury-and-incident-free year in 2009, and that doesn't happen by accident.  Thanks to our great kids, our supervisors, and all those who helped with our outings and activities.  Our excellent track record of just one injury--a sprained ankle--in 18 years is a tribute to all involved, and we are grateful in every way.

     Our awards were videotaped, and would make a great presentation--if we had a projector.  If anyone has a decent media projector they would like to sell or donate, or would like to make a memorable contribution to our organization, please give me a call at 320-250-0464.

     We borrow a projector now and then, but they are hard to come by in that manner.  We would get tremendous use out of one, and it would add a whole new dynamic to our activities and presentations.  A good media projector costs around $600-$800.