483 (11/11/09)

     We missed a golden opportunity last Saturday night, in that we weren’t able to get the word out about the Trail Guard feature on WCCO TV’s “Life To The Max” show that aired late that night.  Plus, for those who did know, the show was late, due to a televised sporting event that went over it’s scheduled time.  Some folks thought our show wasn’t going to be on, and went to bed.

     It’s just the nature of that business that caused us to find out the previous Monday night about the Saturday airing.  “Life To The Max” does three shows each week, and the scheduling is in constant flux for several reasons.   The length of each feature is a factor (as they need to add up to the half-hour timeslot), and there are constant conflicts and changes that influence the final listings. 

     Suddenly, the show was a go.  I called Mike at the Paynesville Press, and he still had time to add it to the end of this column.  But it was too late for a larger announcement.  I also did a mass emailing to those on my list, and made a few calls, and can only apologize to those who missed it.

     But, all is not lost.  The show was great, and presented us, and especially our young members, in a very positive light.  Also, it will be posted on-line at several websites in the coming days and weeks (including YouTube), and we will attempt to get it out locally as soon as possible.  Watch this column next week for direct links to the video.

     Work at the park may be done for the year, but Trail Guards goes on.  We have a calendar to get out, a winter Everglades backcountry trip to plan, a new international bicycle adventure to focus on, our year-end fund drive, and, after the holidays, our 14th “My Room” project.

     These are all fun and rewarding endeavors.  Call or email me to get involved.  320-250-0464  gopher@clearwire.net