484 (11/18/09)

     Thanks to those who sent kind words about our “Life to the Max” segment on WCCO TV a week and a half ago.  The show was very flattering, and did a great job of capturing the essence of what we do each and every summer with our Trail Guard program.

      For those who missed it, please go to www.trailguards.org, and find it at the top of our homepage.  It’s just ten minutes long, but tells a great story about who and what we are.  Please take the time to check it out.

     “Life to the Max” is produced for WCCO by Lifetouch Media Creations, Edina.  Dan Monskey is a free-lance adventure journalist who guest-hosts many of the segments. 

     I met Dan while carrying gear for my brother--Lifetouch cameraman, editor, and producer Donny Koshiol--on an ice-climbing shoot on Lake Superior’s north shore.  The more Dan heard about the Trail Guards, the more he wanted to know.

     Deciding we were a worthwhile story, Dan joined us at REI for our grant award, at the nature park for a Saturday work session last spring, and on our whitewater rafting trip in June, knowing he would also get a story on the rafting company.  He then wrote a script and story line, and handed it off to Donny for final editing and producing.

     Getting the piece done, and being involved with the final editing, was a fun and interesting process.  Watching the final product, especially the interviews with our young members, was energizing and fulfilling.

     It was also energizing this week to get a generous commitment to pay for half of the media projector we are hoping to purchase for trip presentations, educational programs, and other uses.  We need a benefactor to put their name on the other half of that purchase, and help in upgrading our computer to accommodate the photos and video we will use in our presentations.  

     Like the rain gear and sleeping bags we have been able to buy with generous special donations, this equipment will take us to a new level of service to the greater community, and especially to the kids we serve.  Please call me at 320-250-0464.