487 (12/9/09)

     I was happy to see so many Trail Guards, past and present, on the latest honor roll list.  Congratulations to Amanda and Melissa Hawkinson, Sammy Ochs, Breanne Ashton, Vicky Clawson, Brianna Stang, Hannah Rooney, Shelby Goltz, MaKayla Gottwald, Crystal Roberts, Holly Twedt-Coulter, Taylor Liebrenz, Andrew Moser, and Donald Neu.

     Extra special recognition, however, goes to Elizabeth Clawson, for her 4.0 GPA.  Way to go, Elli!

     To those Trail Guards who did not make the honor roll, don’t be dismayed.  Work harder, and next time you may.

     And if you still do not, know this:  Some of the smartest people around never made the honor roll. 

     People are smart in many different ways.  Intelligence comes in many forms, and you will someday find things in your life that you can do better than anyone--even people who always made the honor roll.  Maybe better than anyone you know.  Maybe better than anyone anywhere.

     We are told to follow our bliss, to find what resonates within us.  It’s called a “state of flow,” and happens when the difficulty of a task equals the abilities you bring to it. 

     Your state of flow may have to do with having wrenches in your hand, or knowing what crops to plant, or what fishing lure to use.  It may come from knowing how to talk to people, or how to treat them right.  It may come from something you would never have dreamed you would be good at.

     Plans continue for our March Everglades National Park canoe/kayak/camping trip, now called the “Conquer Your Fears” Youth Leadership Adventure.  We have submitted a grant application for free or reduced airline tickets, and have started special trip fund raising.

     We are also identifying a dedicated young member to represent the Trail Guards on next summer’s Two Wheel View International Bicycle Ambassador Trip.  This will be the eighth Trail Guard to bike overseas with that wonderful organization.