489 (12/30/09)

     It’s a great time of the year.  Daylight is short, the snow doesn’t know when to stop falling, and severe cold is knocking at the door.  But it’s a time for worship, family, gifts, reflection, and celebration.  A time to honor the accomplishments of the past year, and rebound from disappointments and tragedies.

     It’s also a time to look to the future, and our new year at Trail Guards starts with a big change.  In January, long-time Trail Guard office manager, Sheri DeMars, along with her husband, Cyril DeMars, is packing up and heading to a greener landscape. 

     I asked Sheri some twelve years ago to help with paperwork, phone calls, and other busywork associated with all the things we do.  She took to the task immediately, and has played an increasingly important role in our organization ever since.

     She has become so much a part of us, in fact, that I’ve often wondered how we could survive without her.  And now, as the warm, soft winds, and green, lush forests of South Carolina call her name, we will learn all about life after Sheri.

     But, change is good, we’re told.  I’m always a slow learner on that one, and this is no exception.  Things have gone very well for us at Trail Guards for a long time, and much of the credit goes to Sheri’s dedication, organization, and loyalty.

     Her replacement is coming in the form of two people.  Brenda Hentges and Jessica Johnson-Lang, both currently from the Paynesville area, will be taking over different areas of Sheri’s work, and bring to us an abundance of ability and personality.

     Thanks, Sheri, for helping the Trail Guards become what we are today, and best of luck as you and Cyril strike out on this great and exciting adventure.  It’s heartwarming and inspirational to watch you move from wishing and hoping to action and realization--the very things we are all encouraged to do in our lives, but that so often remain elusive dreams.