• Tom Koshiol

February 5, 2020 Column


Column for 02-05-20

     Everyone always says that summer goes by so quickly.  “Summer’s almost over, and it seems we haven’t done anything yet!”  Sound familiar? 

     I always counter with yes it does, but so does winter.  And here we are, almost halfway through already.  Staying busy helps, and we have no problem doing just that at Trail Guards. 

     Our 25th My Room project has started, this year’s Two Wheel View International Bike Trip is being put together, plans are underway to send three kids to Washington DC next June to represent the Trail Guards at the “Kids for the Boundary Waters” gathering, our annual BWCA trip is being organized, and the Nature Park is nearly ready for this year’s Moonlight Meander – now just days away.

     Our My Room project won’t be completed until late next month to coordinate with the busy schedules of both the family involved and our volunteers.  That gives everyone time to make an extra-special plan!

     We’re looking for a volunteer to help us keep the Washington trip on track - someone willing to do weekly check-ins to keep things moving.  More on that trip later, but it’s an exciting opportunity for us as an organization, and especially for the kids involved.  Call or text me at 320-250-0464 to lend a hand (it’s an easy assignment).

     This Saturday, February 8th, is our ninth annual Moonlight Meander.  Hundreds of candle luminaries will lead you to seven bonfire locations throughout the Nature Park (200 Burr St, Paynesville).  The woods and river are beautiful and mesmerizing in the moonlight, and it’s an experience you may not soon forget.  Please join us from 7:00 – 9:00pm.  You will love it!

     And finally, THANK YOU donors.  The response to this fall’s incredible solicitation letter by Mike Jacobson has been inspiring, heartwarming, and energizing.  Thanks to everyone for making all the things we do possible.

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